Best Apartment Hunting Spreadsheet to Find a Suit Unit

Hunting a new apartment to buy or rent is something that might take a lot of effort. Therefore, it is advisable to have an apartment checklist before try to do house hunting in your surrounding area. This can be a good start to make sure that you can find a unit suit with your budgeting and your preference.

Why Need a Checklist?

Some people can be in a rush to find a place to stay. This can lead to some problems which not realize in the end. Therefore, to minimize the risk and make sure you’re dealing with the best price, an apartment hunting spreadsheet is a must.
apartment hunting spreadsheet



Through this spreadsheet, you can easily list what you need, what you expect, what your budget, and many more. Don’t take the risk of making an unclear decision when selecting a unit to stay. Otherwise, there will be many consequences you will have to handle in the future.

Important Points for the Excel Sheet Checklist

Of course, there are several points that must be included whenever you plan to build a checklist. Even though each people will have their preference when selecting a good place to stay. But, whether to buy or finding a rental, commonly the checklist will consist of the following bullets.

  • Apartment name, you shouldn’t miss this important item, the name of the apartment unit.
  • The address or location, some people prefer a certain location and area. Therefore, it is important to note the address.
  • Contact person and phone number, so that you can liaise with the contact person whenever you need to ask something or plan to make a deal.
  • Price and deposit, it is always important to make sure that you will select a unit that suits your available budget. Plus, some units will require a deposit before entering the area. Therefore, you need to prepare this amount of cost and compare which one is more fit with your available fund.
  • Available date, you also need to note when the unit is available to rent.
  • The number of rooms and utilities, don’t forget to check on how many rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, etc.
  • Positive vs negative, there are several things that need to consider before entering an area. Such as the parking lot, the amenities and facilities surrounding, etc.

Sample of Excel Spreadsheet for Apartment Hunting

apartment hunting checklist



The following sheet is a good example of a checklist for apartment hunting. Anytime you need this checklist, you can easily make it with an excel spreadsheet.

The sample above is very common and simple to use too. Therefore, whenever you need to hunt for a new unit for stay, no need to worry of miss a thing. Through the above checklist, you will easily find the most suitable unit as your preference. It gives a lot easier way to find your dream apartment, plus required much less time to perform it.

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