Sample of Apartment Rental Verification Form

Anyone having a property such as a house or an apartment can rent this property to other people. However, to avoid any legal issues in the future, a suitable contract agreement usually is made by two parties, the property’s owner and the rental. In case that in the future the rental wants to apply for a job, then they shall provide with an apartment rental verification form. How the form will look like, what is the purpose, and how is the sample of the form, the following article can help to give an overview about this.

About Apartment Rental

An apartment rental verification form is strong evidence of whether a person is the owner of the apartment or rent it. It is usually requested by a company whenever an employee is trying to apply for a job in the company. By having this rental verification form, it can help the company to determine the current address of the employee. So that in case of emergency of any legal issue in the future will clear and concise enough.

Purpose of The Form

Usually, whenever a company asking for the form, there are several purposes to get from this thing. The purpose usually consists of the following reasons:

  • To give a clear status of the address of the employment. Whether the address of the current living and the address in the ID card is the same or not.
  • To make sure the ownership of the apartment of the employment. Therefore, it also a good way to show the financial capability of the employee.
  • To avoid any possibility of criminality or false information that can be dangerous for the company in the future. There are many possibilities of using the current address for doing something illegal. Therefore, the company shall make sure that they will employ a person that trusted and own complete true information.

Sample of Apartment Rental Verification Form

The following template is a sample of the apartment rental verification form. Therefore, whenever someday you will have requested the form for any applied job, it will easy to copy-paste this sample into Microsoft Word and then print and sign it.

rental verification form



This is the overview of the apartment rental verification form. It is a simple form and can generate easily by anybody. Therefore, it will give suitable information for the company and help to avoid the possibility of the unwanted event too.


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