Generate Babysitter Recommendation Letter

Selecting a suitable person to help with babysitting can be not easy. That is why when selecting a new employee for a child care position, many employers prefer to look at the babysitter recommendation letter.

This letter will show whether the candidate for babysitting is suitable or not. Especially since taking care of the children needs a lot of effort and patient. Furthermore, the recommendation letter is a good guarantee that the candidate is a good employee to trust.

Babysitter Reference Letter Content

There are several items to include whenever someone plans to create a good recommendation letter for babysitting. Remember that this letter is usually provided by the previous employer or agency. Therefore, it is advisable that the letter shall consist of the following points.

  • Employer name and address, it is important to convince the new employer that the recommendation letter is made by someone trustable and real. Therefore, it is a must to include this point.
  • Candidate name, the recommendation letter shall mention the purpose candidate’s name.
  • Experience with the candidate, it will be good to give some overview about the previous experience hiring the candidate. Therefore, the new employer can get suitable information whether they select a trustable person or not.
  • Candidate’s certification, it is a good advantage to show the certifications of the employee. This will help to figure out that the candidate has a suitable background and skills.

Sample of Babysitter Recommendation Letter

In case that you plan to generate a letter of recommendation for a babysitter, the following template example is one of the common babysitter recommendation letters. This cover letter sample can be easily made through MS Word and adjust as necessary. Therefore, you will able to generate a suitable recommendation letter that consists of the above points.

babysitter recommendation letter sample



By using the letter template above, it will bring an advantage for the employee to get trust from the new employer. Furthermore, it also a good way to show their skill and capabilities in terms of babysitting. Hence, the new employer will feel sure that they have made a good decision with selecting the proposed candidate.

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