The Importance of Behavior Contract Template for Adults

Every company has a standard for its employee behavior. A nice behavior will represent a nice company too. That is why it is common that the HR team of a company manage to develop a suitable behavior contract template for adults.

So that during the new employee recruitment, this contract can be signed by the new employee.

Further than that, during daily activity, the HR team is also monitoring employee behavior.

In case of any finding of such behavior that not meets the company standard.

Then this will be subject to a warning. During the warning period, the employee shall also manage to sign the behavior contract.

Therefore, a behavior contract template is also necessary to deal with such of this case.


Concept of Behavior Contract Template

For those who never read or knowing this behavior contract. There is a basic concept of delivering the contract draft.

As an overview, the contract shall be read and agreed upon by both parties, employee and company. Furthermore, it shall also sign in a formal way with company stamps and shall apply in certain periods as mention in the contract.

With the contract, the employee who signing in will be responsible to manage their attitude. And behavior so that match with the company expectation.

All the expected behavior changes will be detailed in the contract so that the employee can be aware of what are they need to improve during future works.

With this approach.

The company expected that the employee can manage to improve their selves.

It is not only a contract to watching the employee’s improvement, but it also a way to make sure that all employees will run standard behavior within the working environment.

So that none will feel annoyed or disturbed by any other employee in the company. Such behavior contract is the easiest way to keep all the employees to behave within its corridor.


Basis of Creating Behavior Contract Template for Adults

There are also several reasons why a company preparing their standard behavior for the employee.


there is two major concern regarding with the employee behavior.

One is the negative behavior and the other is the positive behavior. This is the basis of creating the contract agreement between the employee and the company.

Once an employee is acting on negative behavior, it is the duty of the HR team to remind the personnel and manage them not to repeat the same negative behavior anymore.

On the other way, finding positive behavior among employees will help the company to add this behavior into the company standard behavior lists.

From this information, it is clear that the basis of behavior contract mostly determines on the finding in the working environment.

Through the contract, it will help to solve any issues related to the employee behavior and helps to improve the employee attitude too.

The contract will more or less define in specific terms what should the employee performance in the future. Those with a negative attitude shall turn this attitude into a better way.

While those with a positive attitude will ask to improve this effort and if needed to increase into something better in the future.


Steps to Create Behavior Contract Template for Adults

Reading the above explanation can be easy.

Unfortunately, many companies find difficult period to draft the behavior contract for their employee. The basic concept is easy to understand, but the steps to creating such behavior contracts might feel difficult and uncertain or not clear.

Therefore, it is necessary that the company pay serious attention to the way and steps of creating the contract in detail.

Specifically, the following are some steps to follow for any company purposed to draft the behavior contract template for adults.


Collect Information

The first preparation before running into the behavior contract draft is to collect suitable information related to this.

Such as what is positive behavior to challenge the employee,

or what is the finding in the working area related to this attitude and behavior issue.

Since this finding will be the basis of the contract written and the idea of the draft contract.


Prepare Suitable Software

Next is to decide what is the suitable software to help with generating the draft.

It can be through Microsoft Word or by selecting Microsoft Excel to perform the draft.

Since both are the most common software to support official letters and contracts.


Mention Name of Person Involved

Inside the contract, it will be necessary to put the name of the company and the name of each employee.

So that the contract will be applied between the company and the certain personnel of employee. This can help the contract to be specific and details.


Write The Contract Purpose

Continue with mention the purpose of the contract. Such as whether the behavior contract is to achieve the company goal, or whether the contract is to change an employee’s previous unpleasant attitude.

This statement shall make to be clear so that the purpose of the contract can be detail specify.


Mention The List of the Behavior

Then write down all the lists of behavior that needs to change or improve.

Such as in terms of productivity, personal attitude, personal working relationship, or any other positive behavior concern by the company.


Any Other Terms and Condition

After that, the next paragraphs shall mention all the rules and terms and conditions of the contract.

Make sure to put information about the consequences of violating the contract in the future.


Signature of Related Parties

Last, the contract shall be signed by the involved party.

Manage the employee to sign the contract at the bottom, then ask the supervisor to sign too.


the supervisor is the company representative on monitoring the behavior change of the employee.


Sample of Behavior Contract Template for Adults

There are many kinds of behavior written by a company in general.

Normally it is divided into two main parts, the first is the behavior when meeting the client, and the second is internal behavior in the working area.

The positive behavior during the meeting with the client can be including be respectful, be polite, be positive, be responsible, and many more.

While for positive behavior in the working area can be including be encouraged, be effective, be efficient, be productive, and so on.

Those all samples of positive behavior can be the idea of the behavior contract making.

So that it will lead the company into a better future through the employee development character.


those positive behavior samples can also be written as a template in each company.

To make this thing clear,

the following is a simple sample of a behavior contract template for adults employed in certain companies.

Sample of Behavior Contract Template for Adults



Those are all some information related to the behavior contract template for adults. With the explanation above, it is clear for a company to prepare the template when recruiting any new employee.

So that it will manage a good positive behavior in the working environment and none will try to violate this rule.

Through the contract, it is also a good way to manage a warning for a certain employee that violating behavior rules in the working area.

So that everything can back into its behavior corridor and successfully lead to a positive company impression in front of the clients and communities.

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