Creating Blank Bingo Card Template Microsoft Word

Playing bingo is one of the interesting activities to perform on weekends. This game usually plays variously. One of the ways is by using a blank bingo card template microsoft word. However, some people might not familiar with the game. Therefore, it will be good to see the following paragraphs to get an explanation on how to play the game and how to create the bingo card template.

About Bingo Card

A bingo card is a traditional way to help the bingo player play the game at home. Either personally or in groups. This bingo card comes with a traditional 5×5 grid which consists of various random numbers from one to seventy-five. Not only numbers but sometimes there also letter from the word BINGO on each side of the grid.

There is various kind of bingo card, such as single, double or four grids. By having this bingo card, people can play the game easily together. But this bingo card is using for the manual game, not with electronic or smartphone devices.

Creating Blank Bingo Card

Some bingo players will interest to understand how to create the bingo card. A blank bingo card can be a benefit for them every time they want to start the game. Therefore, it is good to try creating your blank bingo card.

There are several ways to create a blank bingo card, either using Microsoft Excel or using Microsoft Word. Both are the same easy way to create the blank bingo card template. Since this template can quickly develop and very easy to make. Therefore, no need to spend too much time making your bingo card template. The steps are as follows:

  • Choose the suitable software to help you with creating this bingo card. You can use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to help it.
  • If you plan to use Microsoft Word, then simply open a new file as usual.
  • Start with a blank page and then start to insert a table.
  • Make sure to create a 5 x 5 grid table and then put it on the blank page.
  • Write the “free” word in the middle of the grid.
  • You can modify the grid with various designs and colors to look attractive.
  • You can also copy the finished grid several times so that you can get several blank bingo card templates on one page.
  • Once finish the template, you can then print the template and use it for playing bingo.

Blank Bingo Card Template Sample

The following is a sample of the blank bingo card template Microsoft Word. So that if you don’t have any idea to create the bingo card, you can easily copy and paste from the following sample.

blank bingo card template word


Bingo is always a nice game to play. With the above information and sample, now you can play this game often. No more worry about not having the bingo card anymore. With the template above, you can make the bingo card as much as you want and play the game every time.


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