Budget Template For College Students

Paying for college is not only about tuition, right?. It also pays for your textbooks, articles, renting a boarding house, and even hanging out with colleagues. It can cost tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, depending on how you manage your budget template for college students.

Sometimes we also living alone in a college. Living alone forces you to be able to manage our need, and adjust to the availability of money you have.

So it is better while you know about budgeting as a process of creating a plan to spend our money.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Budgeting is Important:

  1. Avoiding unnecessary expenses because budgeting helps you to separate things from what you want and what you need.
  2. Improve your decision-making
  3. Allocate appropriate resources to projects.
  4. Improve your life by planning you are future financial
  5. Helps you prepare for emergencies financial condition

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We know that learning finance is not an easy thing and also not every one of us has time to study financial management while we have long days of classes, exams, and other obligations.

therefore, here are some simple things you can do to manage your finances while in college:

Mapping Your Budget

This is the basic! so please don’t think too hard about this. You can just start by mapping your income and expense.


You can be categorizing them into different sources, like loans, scholarships, grants, a job, and contributions from parents and/or your savings.


You can be dividing them into main expenses and flexible expenses. Main Expenses can be categorizing into tuition payment, boarding house payment, textbooks and class supplies, phone, public transportation cost, insurance, and of course food. Flexible expenses including eating out, clothing, personal hygiene items, skincare items, laundry, emergency funds, self-reward, etc.

Budgeting Rule

You can use the 50-30-20 budgeting rule. This is a financial management technic that is dividing your paycheck into three categories,50% for essentials (main expenses), 30% for savings, 20% for everything else (flexible expenses).

For some reason, you can divide your own rule. You can make it 60-20-20 or 70-10-20 according to your conditions.


Being Strike To Your Budget

Once you create a budget map, you have to stick to it. Don’t try to break it, when you try to break them, then why do you make it?

So you have to make budgeting with your eyes wide open, consider as many possibilities or potential disruptions to your budgeting map.

Just make it simple and easy for you to apply. Do not be too obsessive in managing finances. Make it comfortable for you to do it, so you can always do it.

While doing your budget map, maybe you will have a lot of potential obstacles, so it is better to always have a plan as to how you will overcome potential obstacles.


Make An Emergency Fund Budget Template for College Students

It is important because sometimes there is an urgent payment, right?. While you have an urgent accidental payment and it is not relevant to your main expenses, you can use it. So your “savings fund” and main expenses fund can be safe.

If you did not use your emergency fund in a month, you can make it into saving funds and not use them for another expense that is not emergency.


Tracking Your Expenses And Review Them

To make it easier for managing your budget, you have to track your expenses by noting them. While you have expense tracking it will make it easy to know where you spending your money for.

This is an important expense or expense that you can cut them. By tracking making you understand when are you extravagant so that in the next month you can reduce your spending more.

Just in case you can manage our budget by underestimate your income and overestimate your outcome.


Here a Free Printable Budget Template for College Students Spreadsheet for Your Daily Expenses

Free Printable Budget Spreadsheet for Your Daily Expenxes



Monthly Self-Reward

This is a simple thing that can make you are happy and get out of stress, so you can fresh and enjoy your college.

Managing Your Budget

Managing your budget in a detailed spreadsheet with the help of a college budget template allows you to better control your money. It will show you where your money needs to go, including your savings, expenses, and extra spending money.

Be Smart With Your Shopping

While you need to go shopping for your daily or monthly needs, you have to make a shop list before you go. Making a shopping list before going to the market allows you to think clearly about what you should buy before being tempted by various discounts in the market.

If needed you can only bring money as needed for shopping. When you carry excess money you will find it easier to be tempted to buy other things that are not so important to you and will make you regret buying those things.



Try to get a discount!. While shopping you can be asking student discount to the staff. Some markets or products have a special discount for students. You can be shopping on a discount day, get any information about the discount in that market. Some markets have a special day to give some discount.

So it is good for you to buy your utilities in those days.


Cooking Than Buying Food

Limiting the number of times you eat out each month to save a huge amount of money. When you have spare time, it is better for you to cooking your food than buy your meals. By cooking your food it is cheaper than buy it.

It makes you can save your money.

While you have a roommate or friends in your accommodations to save more money and ingredients.


Do A Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping is commonly using when saving expenses. You can be comparing the products to get the best prices and best values. It is like you doing a mini-research online shopping or market before you deciding to buy them.

Here is a monthly college budget template for you by Printable to help you manage your budget:

monthly budget spreadsheet for college students




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