The Importance of Preparing Child Care Agreement Between Parents Template

Taking care of a child is never being so easy until today. It takes efforts such as time and attention to help to succeed in this process. While nowadays many parents cannot properly provide this time and attention for the children.

Therefore, the best is to deal with a caregiver and manage their children to be under the caregiver’s supervision and care.

However, this process needs to be formal and legalized through a suitable child care agreement between parents.

For those parents with a plan to get a caregiver to handle the daily of their children, then the following paragraphs are important to notice further.


The Benefit of Preparing a Child Care Agreement Between Parents

Whenever parents plan to put their children in child care,

there are many things to considered and understand.

One of the things is as stated inside the agreement. That is why develop a child care agreement is something necessary to perform.

Furthermore, each parent shall notice this agreement and can ask the child care to prepare it if they see no previous agreement when giving their children to child care.

Through this agreement, there are several benefits to receive by both parties, such as listed in the following points.


Terms and Conditions

It will help the parents understand all the terms and conditions applied in the child care provider’s place whenever they decide to put the children there.

So that the parents will be able to accept any condition of the child care area, place, and the caregiver.


Rate Information

The agreement also can help to inform the rate of the child care service.

Including any other fee that needs to be paid in terms of any special case such as overtime or late coming.


Information Emergency

Through writing the agreement, it can help the child care provider to get sufficient information related to the parents.

This is very important in case of any emergency happen during the period of child care services.

It is also a way to help the child care provider communicate with the parents related to the children’s growth and any other similar information.


Agreement of Child Care Agreement Between Parents Template

Having the agreement,

it can help the parents to notice any important things to prepare before putting the children on the child care provider.

Such as to give any information related to the health of the children, etc.


The Content of Child Care Agreement Between Parents

Inside the child care agreement between parents, there are several major things to include.

So that either the child care provider and the parents will be informed of the child care regulation.


the agreement shall also make to give preliminary information on the child care rates.

Therefore, the parents will notice on the beginning and agree with all terms and conditions stated inside it.

In general,

the following are the content of the child care agreement template.


Parent’s Information

The agreement shall mention all details information related to the parents.

It shall mention the complete name of the mother, the complete name of the father, the parent’s address, and mainly the parent’s contact number. In case that the mother and the father are living separately,

then the address and contact number shall also mention in detail in the agreement.

So that in case of any emergency, it will be easy for the child care to contact one of the parents.


Children’s Information

Inside the agreement,

it shall also mention the information of the children. It is important to write the name of the children, the birth date, and the sex.

So that it can give preliminary information related to the age and sex of the children.

Since taking care of different ages and different child sex might not similar. Therefore, this simple information is important to give to the child care provider.


Child Care Regulation

One of the most important parts that shall also be written in the agreement is the regulation of the child care provider.

It is important that the parents notice what should and shouldn’t do when putting their children in the child care provider.

In case of anything happen, then the regulation has been stated quite clearly to understand between both parties.


Payment Terms

Another thing that shall also include is the payment terms of the child care provider.

Different ages of the child might lead to different costs to pay. Usually taking care of newborns and babies will cost more expensive than a toddler or older age.

Therefore, it is important that the child care inform the charged rate and any other fee that might appear during the service.

Furthermore, a late charge fee and any other administration fee shall also clearly mention in the agreement.


Any Other Terms and Condition

The next thing to note in the agreement is

the terms and conditions of the service.

It is also necessary that the child care provider educate the parents about the way the child care will manage the children.

It is also necessary to inform any regulation around the child care place.

So that the parents will notice the condition when they decide to put the children with the child care provider.


Parent’s Acknowledge


the agreement shall be acknowledged by both parents.

Therefore, it is necessary the mother and father put their name and signature at the bottom part of the agreement.

So that in case of anything happen, the parents will get a suitable agreement that can be used as a basis in terms of anything.


Sample of Child Care Agreement Between Parents Template

If you feel that the above explanation is hard to understand, then the next suggested step is to read the example of the agreement.

For those who still have an issue with drafting the agreement, the following is one nice sample of child care agreements between parents that can easily follow and copy.

sample Child-Care-Agreement-Between-Parents




Those all the information related to a free printable child care agreement between parents template.

Through the explanation above,

it can help to give an overview of why the agreement is needed.

Furthermore, it will also help to guide on how to draft the agreement and write all the agreement content completely.

So that you can get a suitable agreement contract for the child care complete with all important terms and conditions that must be stated inside the agreement.


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