Writing A Suitable Church Resignation Letter

Inside the church, usually, there is a formal organization that consists of several persons who responsible for various ministries. These people giving their commitment and willingness to serve in the church to help with the development and the managing of activities inside the church. Unfortunately, the member is not always willing to stay forever, resignation is a common thing to happen. Such as due to house movement, another responsibility in the different places, and many more. Usually, along with the resignation, there will be the church resignation letter. For those who require information about the letter including the sample, then the following paragraphs will give the needed information.

The Purpose of the Letter

The Main Content of the Church Resignation Letter

There are some points to noted whenever a resignation letter is made. These points shall not be missed and written suitably in the letter. These major points including the following:

  • Name of the church and the address, so that the letter is giving to the suitable church without mistakes with a similar name.
  • Inform the date of resignation, so that the pastoral will notice your last day and try to find another person as a replacement.
  • Mention the reasons for your resignation. This is one of the important things since resignation from a church is usually related to major issues. Such as health conditions, house moving, or similar reasons.
  • Write how much you feel happy during your time serving the church. It is important to put a positive value on the pastoral to encourage them even that you’re leaving.
  • Last, close the letter with your official signature.

Sample of The Letter

The following is the sample for the church resignation letter. It is a general sample that easy to copy and adjust accordingly. Therefore, anyone will able to use the sample for the purpose need.

church resignation letter sample


The information above is enough to give a clear description of what to write inside the church resignation letter. Mainly the information of any important content that shall be written in the letter. So that the resignation can be accepted by the pastoral, and the person can suitably leave the church organization.


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