Preparing A Suitable Commercial Invoice Template

Every time a business needs to request payment, they usually will launch a formal invoice to the customer. This is commonly known as a commercial invoice. To create an invoice for this matter, there are several things to consider. Therefore, the invoice will describe important points that will inform the customer about anything they need to know related to payment. For those than plan to make the commercial invoice template, try checking out the following information and simple sample provided below paragraphs.

Important Points Inside a Commercial Invoice

Several items shall be provided whenever a business launches a formal commercial invoice. Usually, the invoice will consist of the following items.

  • The invoice number is to help the company in tracking the invoice accordingly.
  • The name of the business shall also include the logo of the company (if possible), then the address of the company, and the contact number of the company. Therefore, it can ease the customer to contact the company in case of any issues.
  • Customer name shall also include the customer’s address and contact number. So that the seller can send the items to a suitable place according to the request from the customer.
  • Bought item, it is important to describe the kind of stuff or item that bought by the customer. If there is a detailed specification or dimension, then yo can add it to the description.
  • Price is the most important thing that shall be noted inside the commercial invoice. Do not forget to mention the price of each item and then make sure to add another cost component such as tax, shipping cost, or else.
  • Terms and condition, it is important to give proper information to the customer.
  • A signature, make sure that the invoice is signed by authorized personnel.

Sample of Invoice Templates

The following is a simple sample of a commercial invoice template. Inside the template, you can find all major items that shall include in the invoice. Furthermore, the sample can also adjust as necessary according to the business needs. Therefore, easily copy and paste the sample into Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, then modify it according to the business need.

Sample of Commercial Invoice Template



By reading the above information, it is hoped that you are now able to create a good commercial invoice template. So that it can help your business to professionally raise an invoice to the customer. Furthermore, with this formal commercial invoice, the business will have suitable records of the payment and manage neater financial evidence for the business financial report.


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