Description of Community Meeting Agenda Template


Perform a weekly or monthly meeting agenda is necessary for a community. There are many issues to discuss and solve during the meeting. Therefore, the meeting shall conduct on regular basis on a certain schedule. However, to make sure that all the important point is properly discussed and solved in the meeting, a proper meeting agenda shall be performed. For more information about the community meeting agenda template, including the benefit and the sample, you can read the following paragraphs.

What Is Meeting Agenda

Weekly Meeting Agenda Template

A meeting agenda is a template that helps to assist in preparing an event-based meeting. With this agenda, you will easily define the purpose of the meeting, the goals, the assignment for all members, and any plan that needs to discuss during the meeting. Therefore, it will conclude the agenda to perform and plan before the meeting conduct.

The Benefit of Community Meeting Agenda


Preparing a suitable meeting agenda can help to give various benefits, either for the attendees and for the meeting provider. All of the advantages of the agenda as listed in the following bullets:

  • To help define the meeting subject, meeting date, and meeting location. So that all the attendees will get information on what and where the meeting is performing.
  • A meeting agenda also a suitable way to help giving information to the attendees about the important point to discuss in the meeting. So that all the attendees can get a preliminary overview of the content of the meeting.
  • Writing a meeting agenda also benefit the community to make sure that all main discussion point has been written accordingly. So that all discussions in the meeting will be performed according to the written agenda. No other topic to discuss.

Creating Meeting Agenda with Microsoft Word

Board Strategic Meeting Agenda Template

One of the simple ways to create this agenda is by using Microsoft Word. No need to develop the template for scratch since it gives various meeting agenda templates to use. Simply open the Microsoft Word and directly go to the search column. Write meeting agenda and then you will be offered a lot of templates so that you can choose the most suitable template to adjust and use as necessary. After that, the template can be printed and shared with all members of the meeting.

Sample of Community Meeting Agenda Template

The following is a sample of the community meeting agenda template. So that anyone that needs this sample can directly copy or use it. Furthermore, it also can adjust as necessary, so that it can fit your meeting purpose and your community identity.

community meeting agenda template


By reading the above paragraphs, it is now clear what is a meeting agenda and what is the benefit of the agenda. Furthermore, you can also generate a suitable meeting agenda according to your needs. So that your regular meetings run well and you can solve all problems accordingly.

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