Suitable Condominium Lease Agreement Template for Massachusetts Area

Florida residential is one of the suitable places for living in Massachusetts. There are so many apartments to lease and guarantee a good stay over there. However, it is important to understand a suitable lease agreement whenever you decide to rent a unit over there. Such as total cost, installments, type of unit, facilities, comfort and safety, etc., must be clear. Therefore, the following information on the condominium lease agreement will be an advantage to start with.

The Benefit of the Agreement

Some people may not know how strong the agreement will bring benefits in the future. So, with this agreement, whether the owner or the tenant will get the following benefits:

  • Clear information about the right and obligation of each party.
  • There is legal information related to the start and end dates of the rental.
  • Avoid potential disputes between owner and tenant.
  • Has the force of law, it makes your life more peaceful

Key Points of the Condominium Lease Agreement

Referring to the benefits, it is important to ensure that there are several points that must be considered in the condominium rental agreement. Usually, the key points that must be include in the agreement consist of the following.

  • Complete identity of owner and tenant.
  • Condominium locations, it shall describe the rental condominium address accurately.
  • Rental cost as agreed and terms of payment.
  • Effective date, include the start and end date of the rental period.
  • And an other terms and conditions.

Sample of The Agreement

After looking at some information above, here is a template for a condominium lease agreement in Florida, Massachusetts. This template is a printable and easy-to-create version of MS Word. You can copy and paste all the content below or adjust according to your needs.

Condominium Lease Agreement templatesDOWNLOAD


The sample above is pretty clear. It is also simple and straight forward to use for arising agreement between the owner and the buyer. By using the above sample, hopefully your agreement with the condominium owner is legal and clear.


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