A Simple Sample of Construction Invoice Template

A construction company needs professional finance managerial including by having a template of construction invoice. It is an easy way to develop the template as long as the company gets some overview of the content. Therefore, this article will brief about the benefit of a construction invoice including the sample of the invoice too.

The Benefit of Construction Invoice

There are several benefits of creating the construction invoice template for payment. The benefit including the following points:

  • To provide a proper record of payment of any construction work finished for the business.
  • Help the customer getting suitable information on the description of the construction work done and the price of each job.
  • To inform the terms and conditions of the payment and any other important things that must be agreed between the construction company and the customer.

Customize The Construction Template

A construction invoice template can easily modify according to the company’s needs. Most of the modification is related with the company logo and format. Commonly, a construction company will have its heading for the company logo and name. Therefore, it is not a big issue whenever the company plan to modify the format of the logo and heading of the invoice.

The most important thing is to make sure that the main content of the invoice describes the construction job activities very well. Including the work that has been done, the duration of time to do the construction job, and last is the unit price of the activity.

From this information, the customer can easily get an overview of the breakdown of the job. Therefore, it will provide clear and suitable information to the customer about the amount of cost that they should pay once the work has finished.

Sample of Construction Invoice

The following is a sample of the construction invoice template. This sample can modify according to the needs and easily copy and paste to Microsoft Word. Therefore, the company can prepare the invoice fast and easily.

Sample of Construction Invoice template



Through having a nice sample and explanation about the construction invoice template above, it is now clear for you to generate your construction invoice template. Therefore, whenever construction work has finished, your company can request the payment to the customer through this official invoice.


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