Overview of The Cornell Notes Template for Daily Class

Overview of The Cornell Notes Template for Daily Class

Following a class every day sometimes leads you to a difficult way to understand the summary of the lesson that day. You might miss something or you might not be getting the point of your class on that day. Fortunately, these issues can be solved by making a simple and effective note. This note is commonly known as cornell notes template. For more description of the overview on the note, the following paragraphs will help to give more information.

History of the Cornell Notes

Many of you might not aware of the history behind this note. Cornell Notes is a note-taking system that quite effective to use. This note was started by Walter Pauk in 1940 from Cornell University. Pauk has launched his best-selling books and proven that his notes system is effective to use for various purposes.

Overview of The Note Method and Concept

The note is famous because of the method and concept that effective to use. On the basis, it provides a systematic format so that it helps to organize the note properly. Majorly is by taking two-column notes. However, it is also acceptable if you develop a slightly different format. The main important thing is that make sure you develop a larger space for the notes and smaller spaces for the questions. So that it can become an ideal way to prepare a note according to the accepted lesson in the class.

The Benefit of Using Notes

There are several main benefits whenever you decide to make your note according to this system. The benefit including the following lists:

  • Helps the student to synthesize the lesson during the day.
  • It gives an easy way for the student to apply the learned knowledge received during the day.
  • It helps to provide an effective basic recall so that the student will remember the lesson in an efficient way.

Steps to Create Cornell Notes


As mention previously, creating the Cornell Notes not taking too much effort. According to the overview above, you can see that the notes can simply be made by dividing a page of paper into two columns. The first column is the question, and the second column is for the notes. The main concept is to provide a larger area to write the notes on related questions. Last, provide the summary at the bottom of the page.

Sample of General Cornell Notes Template

The below sample is a nice example of the Cornell notes template. This can simply copy and paste then use as necessary.

Important Content of a Cornell Notes Template

After reading the sample, it can be concluding that this note is essential and shall contain the proper item. The specific purpose of this note is to help in an easy way of creating a suitable note. Furthermore, the subject is to get a final summary of the received lesson so that it will help the student to easily understand the important point of it. Therefore, to make sure that this Cornell notes template is effective and efficient, the following main content shall be including:


Sample of General Cornell Notes Template

  • Subject of note

It is necessary to write the subject of this note in the above part of the template. Mention the subject properly so that you will not make any mistake between one class to another. You might have one dedicate note for each class or subject. Therefore, a subject will help you to classify the note accordingly.

  • Class data

Don’t forget to inform the class data, including the name of the class, and if possible the name of the teacher or lecture. So that you can divide each of your Cornell notes and keep it according to the specific class.

  • Various questions

Prepare a table to write any questions related to the class subject. Make sure to prepare a wide column for this question. Since you can have many lists of the question for a subject.

  • Notes related to the questions
Examples Cornell Notes Templates

Next to the column of the question, prepare a column for answer and discussion. So that you will able to write all related answers to the mention questions. This answer shall be written based on the discussion of each question properly.

  • Overall summary

The bottom part of the page shall provide some rows to write an overall summary of the subject. This summary can be written according to the summary of each question and its answer. Through this method, a student can properly get the main point of the class and the subject.

Create Cornell Notes Template Format

Overview of The Cornell Notes Template for Daily Class

It is also necessary to prepare a suitable template format so that the note can be printed and use accordingly. Therefore, the following steps can help with creating a proper format of Cornell notes.

  • Select a tool

A suitable tool will help to prepare a proper format. Therefore, to ease this activity you can select either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Once finish selecting a suitable tool, continue with making a file name and then start creating the format template.

  • Create tables

A suitable Cornell notes template will consist of several tables. A table to write the question, and a table to give the relative answer. Therefore, make sure to divide the page into two big columns for those two main things.

  • Input the content

Add all important content of the template. Refer to the previous information about all necessary content that shall be written in this template.

  • Save the template

Once finished creating the template, don’t forget to save the file with a proper name. So that you can print it every time you need a hard copy of the note for your class.

After reading the above overview, hopefully, it can help you to understand based on the notes. Including the history and the purpose of this template. Furthermore, the overview can also help you to create your personal Cornell Notes template. So that it can help you to easily summarize all your lesson effectively and bring you a successful way to studying in the class.


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