Preparing Suitable Delivery Service Contract Template

Today there are a lot of delivery services across the world. The need to shop online or to send any kind of stuff from one place to another pushes the increase of this service. Therefore, a delivery service contract template is a common form to prepare by most the delivery agency.

Providing a suitable delivery service contract template is necessary to educate both, the delivery service and the customer.

There are various terms and conditions during the delivery that needs to understand exactly for each party.

That is why all these terms will be written in an official contract so that the customer will be aware and notice anything important inside the contract.

One of the common problems is that the delivery service not knowing how to develop a proper service contract for their consumer.

While this contract is a major thing to develop so that the customer will feel secure and happy at the end.


To help with this common issue, this article will help to give an overview of how to prepare the delivery service contract template.

For a more specific explanation, take a look at the following paragraphs in detail.


Understand The Delivery Service Business

Before drafting the contract template,

it is necessary that a delivery service understand the rules of the business and the main concern of the customer.

Without this information,

it will be difficult to arrange any wording related to the terms and conditions of the given service by the delivery company.

Therefore, the best is to figure out the main purpose of the service, what will be given to the customer,

and what restrictions shall be applied during performing the service to the customer.


Through this understanding,

then the delivery service company will be able to get an overview of what to write in the draft contract.

It also can help to draft the customer expectation very well in terms of the service condition that will be achieved for the customer.


there are some benefits of preparing this draft that needs to be understood by both parties.

In terms of delivery service, this contract will help to make sure the limitation of any claim in case of any damage on the items during the service or after the service has been done.

While in terms of customer, the contract is the best way to avoid damage during the service performed.

So that everything can be done precisely according to the expectation of both parties, the delivery service, and the customer.


Prepare Suitable Format

After understanding all the major concerns on the business, then it is time to start the draft of the contract template.

First of all,

it is necessary to prepare a suitable format that will be used as a template.

Start with choosing the suitable software to start with this thing.

The most recommended software is Microsoft Word since it can help to draft various words and letters precisely with an easy approach.


Make sure to prepare the format according to the common one to ease this process.

Such as starting with the date, the name of both parties, the items to be delivered, the payment charge, and the terms and conditions of the service.

By providing all of these items, then the contract will consider complete and can manage to protect both, delivery service and customer.


Writing The Content Delivery Service Contract Template

It is necessary to get suitable information during filling in the content of the contract.

Such as writing the information of the delivery service information and the customer information.

It is also important to understand what type of service to give to the customer during the delivery process.

So that it can make clear to each party, the delivery service. And the customer, with regards to the service and all terms in the process.


Discuss Terms and Condition of the Service

The next important thing that needs to think very carefully is the terms and conditions of the service. Every delivery service wants to give its best efforts to the customer.


they also don’t want to push too hard so that the customer can charge for many reasons in terms of the service.

Therefore, make sure to carefully state the terms and conditions of the service.

So that both parties will be happy and no issues will arise during the service period. Either for the side of the delivery courier or the side of the customer.


Acknowledge The Contract by Both Parties

Last and the most important thing is to make sure that the draft will consider the acknowledgment of both parties involved in the contract.


it is important to provide an area to be signed by the delivery service courier and the customer.

So that the contract is formal and will have good and suitable law power in case of anything happen during the service period.


Sample of Delivery Service Contract Template

After reading some explanation above,


the delivery agent will notice how to write the contract properly.

So that they can perform the duty as well as inform the customer to feel comfortable and satisfy.

However, reading the above overview might not be the best way to help the delivery agency in drafting the contract template.

So that the best is to see any sample related to this free printable contract template.

To help to give this option, the following is a nice sample of delivery service contract templates that can easily copy or follow.

Delivery Service Contract Template



Those are all the explanations regarding the delivery service contract template. It seems that drafting the service contract is not too difficult to perform.

As long as all the above information is read accordingly. And then the sample is applied to the delivery agent draft contract.


all the issues related to the delivery service can be solved in a proper way.

So that hopefully the customer will feel happy and satisfy. Then the next day they wouldn’t feel doubt to use the service again.


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