Developing A Suitable Dental Consent Form for Implant

Deciding to use an implant tooth is a common decision, especially for the elderly that have loose some of their wisdom teeth. Implant surgery also a common decision whenever someone loses the teeth due to an accident. Therefore, performing this treatment is a common thing performed by many dentists around the world. However, whenever a patient decides to do this implant treatment, there are several things to consider by both, the patient and the dentist. To help with this issue, usually the dental clinic or the hospital raises a dental consent form.

This form consists of dental implant consent that shall be acknowledged by the patient. For more information about the importance of the form and what to include in the form, the following paragraphs will help to show more information.

The Importance of Filling the Dental Form

Providing a dental consent form is important to perform by the dental clinic or hospital. This is because the form consists of several main things. Such as the personal information of the patient and the medical history too. Therefore, through this form, the dental clinic nor the patient will get the following benefits:

  • The dental clinic will get legal authorization from the patient. Therefore, there will be no legal issues in the future in case of anything happen.
  • The patient also can get a benefit such as getting preliminary information of their decision. Therefore, the patient can get one more chance to think about their decision before performing the dental extraction consent and implant consent.

Sample of Dental Consent Form

The following form is a simple sample of the dental consent form. This is an easy sample that can adjust as necessary and directly use for any dental clinic or hospital.

Dental Consent Form



By reading the information above, it is clear that a dental consent form shall be a thing that shall not miss whenever someone decides to perform any dental treatment. Including the dental implant consent or root canal treatment, everything is important to check on the term and condition for then legally accept and sign it. So that in the future, this will not lead to any misunderstanding or issues.

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