Create an Easy Door Hanger Template for Word

A creative door hanger for the door knob is commonly used by many hotels. Not just in this business, but a doorknob hanger sometimes also interesting to put for the room inside the house. Of course, there is a various interesting design for this. Starting from the simple design for a blank door, up to the complicated style created with the help of Microsoft Word. If you are curious to look at some door hanger template for word patterns, the following paragraphs can be a suitable way to start.

Making Wooden Door Hanger

For those interesting to create a door hanger made of wood, you can utilize your closet dividers. It is one of the suitable materials that can switch into something beneficial such as a wooden door hanger. Otherwise, you can also use any other material made of wood to create this door hanger.

To create this item, there are several common steps to follow. The steps can be performing as follow:

  • Find the suitable material to start.
  • Draw a pattern above the selected material.
  • Cut the pattern and color as your preference.
  • Put some words above the finishing color.
  • Don’t forget to put any rope or tie so that the door hanger can be put in your door knob.

The Benefit of Using Door Hanger

sample door hanger templates ms word

There are several benefits to get if we choose to use a door hanger. By using this item, it can help to notify other people whether we are busy or not. It is also can work as general information about your request. Such as you don’t want to disturb, or you need help to make up the room.

Not only to help people understand your thought, but a door hanger also benefits for other things, for example, a beautiful door hanger can help to add some aesthetic view in your door area. It also benefits to give some touch on your blank door. Therefore, your door room will look more sophisticated and fun.

Sample of Door Hanger Template for Word

If you still confuse about what to write on your door hanger, there are various words for inspiration. Most of the door hanger will consist of the following words or sentences.

  • Don’t disturb me, I’m very busy right now.
  • Do not pass or enter, private area.
  • Please help to make up the room.
  • Just married, do not disturb!
  • Open the door slowly, do not slam.
  • Please be quiet, I’m studying.
  • Sorry, I’m too tired today, please don’t knock.

For a more brief overview, the following pictures are some of the samples of good door hanger words and design. This design can easily generate through various software as simple as Microsoft Word.

door hanger templates



By using the above template and sample, it will be easy to generate a simple but fun door hanger for your door knob. Now it will easy to give information to other people who plan to enter your room. Not only that, but your blank door will look more interesting. It can look beautiful, nice, and more sophisticated.

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