Preparing Equipment Bill of Sale for Customer

Every business whose activities consist of selling things to the customer will need to raise a formal equipment bill of sale as a prove. The same way when a heavy equipment company selling their unit to any customer. An example is selling a specific motor vehicle or a car. It will be important to provide a formal bill to the customer since there is several important information to agree on and to get by both parties.

However, some businesses might new to this thing and find no clue on how to generate a good sale template for their bill. Therefore, this article will help to give a free printable sample for a bill of sale including specific clues about the content. It can easily have performed through MS Word or excel sheet. Let’s check the further paragraphs below.

Sample of Equipment Bill of Sale

The following is a general sample of the equipment bill of sale. This sample can be generating through MS Word or using an excel spreadsheet. It is also printable and easy to copy and paste too.

equipment bill of sale



Benefit Creating Bill of Sale

There are several benefits of creating the equipment bill of sale. Whether for the seller or for the buyer. With this bill, the buyer can get sufficient information related to the bought item. Including the information of the model, type, series number, price, etc. This can be a benefit for the future in terms of any tax paid or in case that the item will be sold to another party.

On the other side, it also brings an advantage for the seller. It helps the seller to properly record their selling. Including getting the information about their buyer, such as the name, the complete address, the contact number, etc. With this information, it will easy for the seller to track anything related to the buyer in case of anything in the future. It also helps the buyer to keep a proper record of the selling item for sales progress and information.

Overall, creating the equipment bill a proper way to legalize the transaction between seller and buyer. This also a formal way to prove that the seller has professional management in their store. Do not afraid of failure in making the sale form.

The above template is sufficient to use for any type of heavy equipment. Therefore, this can ease the selling process and can also be proof for any legal including related to tax and law.

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