A Sample of Hotel Receipt Template for The Customer

Spending the holiday is always a good thing to do. One of the ways to fill in the holiday season is by staying in a hotel. Whether out of town or only for a staycation. Both are sound interest to do during the weekend. Each customer that have stayed in the hotel shall pay some amount of the per night cost of the hotel room. After this payment, usually, the hotel will give a printable hotel receipt template or email a downloadable pdf receipt to the customer.

Such as the famous Hilton Hotel that usually provides the customer with both, printable and pdf version of the hotel receipt. For more information about the receipt including the sample, the next paragraph will help to explain more.

The Benefit of Making Hotel Receipt

Some peoples might be thinking that a hotel receipt is not as important as they thought. But for others that stay in the hotel, not for a vacation, this receipt can be very important. Especially for those that have to stay in the hotel for business purposes. Some of the advantages of owning a hotel receipt.

  • know the transaction process between guests and hotels.
  • Provide proof of payment made by guests after staying in a hotel room.
  • To get precise records of hotel transaction processes.
  • Get proof of reimbursement activity if staying at the hotel for a business trip.

Items to Note at The Hotel Receipt

Whenever a hotel decides to pass a formal hotel receipt for their guest, there are several important points to note inside the receipt. First is the complete information of the hotel name and the invoice number, including the staff that is on duty at that time. Next, it also has a proper date and name of the guest that have stayed in the hotel room. Make sure to put a note about the check-in time and check-out time to generate the total number of night stays and the total cost to pay.

Sample of Hotel Receipt Template

The following is a sample of the hotel receipt template that can be adjusted accordingly. This receipt can easily make by a word document or excel. In case that you have no further idea on developing the receipt, then this sample is a good way to start it.

sample hotel receipt template



This is some information related to the importance of a hotel receipt and a sample of the template. So that in case you need to make a formal hotel receipt for the customer, you will find no issues with it. Furthermore, this receipt is important documentation that always shall be provided. So that whether the customer nor the hotel will have suitable records of payment and proof.

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