Creating an Independent Contractor Timesheet Template with Microsoft Word

It is necessary that all companies providing a timesheet for their employee to note the working hours and deals with the payroll. This is an important issue that also needs to perform by most independent contractors. To help with the worker man-hours, usually, an independent contractor timesheet template is provided for all contractor employees.

So that they can note all the working hours properly and get paid according to this evidence.

Of course,

there are many concerns to understand when a company decides to prepare the timesheet template.

Unfortunately, a new company usually has no figure on how to start creating the template.

To help with this issue, the following paragraphs will brief nice information related to the timesheet.

Including the description, the benefit, and the steps to create it using Microsoft Word software.


Description of Timesheet

A timesheet is a form to fill by an employee with regards to their working hour on a week.

The timesheet is the best way to control the working hour of each employee properly from the first day of the working week up to the last day of the working week.

Through this timesheet,

the employee will be able to mention the main working hours, the overtime hours, and the job activity inside it.

So that the company is well aware of the total hours needed to perform the job and help to convert this hour into payroll.


The benefit of Writing a Timesheet

There are a lot of benefits whenever a company decides to prepare a timesheet.

Mainly for an independent contractor that working on a project.

It is necessary to control and acknowledge their working hours properly. Therefore, a timesheet is developed for that kind of employee.

In general, the timesheet can bring the following benefits for each, employee and the company.


Overview of Working Hours

A timesheet is a good way to give an overview of the employee working hours. It will be difficult to note the working hours of each employee every day without proper note.


a timesheet will help to note this hour properly inside a formal form that can be given to the company by the end of the working week.

The timesheet not only gives an overview of the main working hours but is also a way to inform whether the employee performs any overtime hours or not.

So that it can give clear information whether the available working hours are sufficient to finish the job or not.


Job Distribution Of Independent Contractor Timesheet Template

Through a timesheet, the company can also figure the job distribution.

During a project,

each employee will have a specific responsibility to finish the job properly.

Therefore, using a timesheet can help the company to distribute the job properly and make sure that the whole project target can be achieved accordingly.

So that the project can be finished on time and every job has been managed in a proper way too.


Evidence for Payroll

Not only to describe the number of working hours of each employee, a timesheet is is also a proper way to control the payroll for each employee.

So that the company can get suitable evidence related to the number of payrolls of every worker.

Since the total hours include in the timesheet will be converted to the payroll in the end.

Therefore, without a timesheet, it will be difficult to calculate the payroll.

While in the other side,

using a timesheet can manage this purpose to be easily done.

The company can properly be counting the working hours and then counting the payroll accordingly.


Improve Time Management

Arranging many workers at the same time and the same day will be difficult to perform. Mainly if it needs to include a hundred workers in a day.

Therefore, a timesheet is actually a way to monitor the job distribution in a proper way. It can give an overview of whether a job has been done properly according to the given hours by the employee.

It also can give an overview of whether this job has been done in an effective and efficient way or not.

So that with the timesheet, the company can get a plan for any improvement of the time management in the following week after.


Drafting A Independent Contractor Timesheet Template

There are a lot of things to consider whenever a company plan to draft a timesheet template.

It has to make sure that all the major things related to the timesheet purpose can be achieved.

Therefore, it is suggesting to consider the following points below when a company plans to draft the independent contractor timesheet template for their workers. In general, the points are including in the below lists.

Company’s Name

The main important thing to note at first is the name of the company complete with the logo and address.

So that the timesheet will purpose for the suitable company and the suitable workers of that company.

Employee’s Data

It is necessary to write the complete name of the responsible employee or worker. It also shall have been completed with the employee ID to help the company easily monitor the correct worker.

Timesheet Date, Number and Week

So that it will ease the company to note the timesheet weekend. Since it is important to note this date and week for the payroll too. So that the company will not make any mistakes related to the payroll date.

Timesheet Table

This is the most important content in the template.

The table shall mention clearly the exact date of the week, the starting time and the end time of the working.

So that the company can figure out whether the worker has finished the working hours according to the rules. Furthermore,

it shall also note any overtime hours performed by the worker.

So that in the end, the company can accumulate the total hours and manage to provide payroll payment accordingly.

Suitable Person

Last, the template shall also acknowledge by a suitable person.

In these terms are the worker and the supervisor.

With the signature of both people, it will help to manage the timesheet as true evidence of the working hours, working job, and the total payroll from its timesheet.


Sample of Independent Contractor Timesheet Template

Even the above paragraphs have explained anything related to drafting the timesheet template,

it is still necessary to get one of its samples.

So that the company can easily draft the timesheet template for their needs and purpose. For more detailed information, related to this, the following is a good sample to follow free printable template and copy.

Sample of Independent Contractor Timesheet Template



Those are all the explanations related to the independent contractor timesheet template.

The article above has been quite clear to describe the overview, the benefit and the content of this timesheet.

So that the company can have a nice figure on what to write on the timesheet and what it’s the purpose of it.

Through a proper timesheet system and template, can lead the company to easily monitor all the work and make sure that every job will be able to finish accordingly.


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