Develop A Formal Job Appointment Letter for The Employee

It is a common thing that an employee shall perform their task according to the agreement. For example, to have a duty out of the city or maybe to a division. To make sure that this task and assignment is formally agreed upon by the purpose candidate, a formal letter shall be provided from the company. This letter is known as a job appointment letter. For more information about the letter, such as the benefit and the content of this appointment letter, please see the following description below.

🔎 About The Job Appointment Letter

As mention before, that the letter is the formal letter provided by a company to describe the job description of their accepted new employee that joining the office recently. This is evidence and uses as the background of employee assignment in the office so that the employee can be aware of what are their jobs and responsibility.

📥 The Benefit of Making the Letter

There are several benefits to reach whenever a company provides its employee with a job appointment letter. The benefits including the following:

  • To support the assignment of the employee in the company
  • To inform the job assignment that delegate to the employee.
  • As strong evidence of the description of the employee job within the company. Therefore, the employee can refuse to work outside of his appointment.

💡 The Main Content of the Letter

Whenever the company preparing the job appointment letter, it shall be reminded that there are several major contents of the letter. Usually, the letter will consist of the below points:

  • Name of the accepted candidate and the address if possible.
  • Name of the job position.
  • Location of the job position, since the terms and conditions outside the agreed location can be different.
  • Commencement of employment to give a formal statement about the starting date of the employee.
  • The job description of the position in detail.
  • Signature of the authorized personnel in the company.

🔖 Sample of A Job Appointment Letter

The following is a simple sample of the job appointment letter. The sample is easily developing by Microsoft Word and can adjust as necessary.

free printable Job Appointment Letter



Those are some information related to the job appointment letter. After reading the explanation above, it is now clear how to develop the letter and what are the primary content of the letter. So that the employee can run his task accordingly and all business can be done perfectly.


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