Benefit Preparing Letter of Recommendation Dental School

A letter of recommendation is a common letter prepared to help a person to be referred to something. Such as if the person intends to joining a dental school. Several benefits can be accepted if decide to prepare a proper letter of recommendation for this issue.

Therefore, creating the letter is recommended. However, some people are not having an overview of how to start and why the letter is important. To help with this matter, the following paragraphs will give a clear explanation with regards to the benefit, the content, and the sample of this letter of recommendation to dental school.

About The Letter

For those who never write a letter of recommendation, you might feel curious about what is this letter. In general, a letter of recommendation is a letter provided to help to give a positive overview of someone. So that the person or institution reading the recommendation letter will get sure to accept the person.

An institution must check the background of its applicants. So that it can help them to make sure that they only accept a reputable and capable person for the program. By accepting suitable candidates, it means that they also keep the reputation of their institution.

A recommendation letter was usually written by a competent person that can recommend a person. Such as the teacher, principal, co-worker, manager, etc. With this capability and role, the recommendation letter will get strong background and also trustable at the same time.

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The letter shall also have written in a good format so that it will give pleasant information about the candidates. To help the institution getting preliminary information about the candidate’s background, then this letter of recommendation can have considered as a suitable way for it.

Purpose of The Letter

There are also several purposes for creating a letter of recommendation. That is why the letter needs to be specific and well prepared. Specifically creating the letter of recommendation dental school. The letter is made with the aim of the following points.

  • To give a brief about the person recommended in the letter. So that the institution receiving the letter will get a preliminary overview of the recommended person. Including any related background and information about the candidate.
  • Providing a detailed explanation of the positive details of the applicant. This can be in terms of attitude, personal habits, and academic achievement. So that it will give a positive overview to the letter receiver.

Benefit Creating the Letter of Recommendation Dental School

Except for the letter, there is also some benefit to receive if sending a recommendation letter. The letter is more beneficial for the people recommended on the letter. With this letter, the people who are recommended in the letter will get the following benefit.

  • To get a better chance or possibility to be accepted in their desired place. In this term is accepted as one of the candidates for the dental school.
  • The applicant can also be a benefit to receive acknowledge from the institution. Those without any recommendation letter might not notice by the institution. A different way with those with the recommendation letter. This can be a good way to get additional consideration to be accepted into the school.

There are also some benefits received by the letter receiver. With getting the letter and reading the letter content, the receiver or institution who receives the letter will get the following advantages.

  • They can get background information related to the candidate in terms of the habit of whether the candidate has positive and suitable habits as expected.
  • The recommendation letter is also a way to give a brief background about the candidate’s education. So that they can receive information on whether the academic value of the candidate is suitable with the institution requirement or not.
  • The letter also can bring an overview of the general personality of the person. A good academic is sometimes not supported by a good attitude and personality. Therefore, a recommendation letter is a suitable way to get this unofficial information about the attitude and personality.
  • Through this letter of recommendation, the institution can make sure that they will accept a candidate that meets their requirement and expectation accordingly. Since the letter is a suitable way to prove that the candidate is giving true information about their curriculum vitae or any academic background or any skills and attitude as written.

Major Content of the Letter

A letter of recommendation to dental school will have several major contents to include. Usually, the letter will consist of the following contents.

  • Date of the letter writing.
  • Recipient’s name, complete address, and contact number as well. So that the letter will be a purpose for a specific person in charge of the dental school.
  • Opening greetings.
  • An introduction about the writer of the letter and the name of the recommended person. This shall define the relationship between the writer and the person recommended. So that the recipient can get a general overview and decision whether the person writing the recommendation letter is worth considering or not.
  • A paragraph shows general recommendations about the person. Such as any positive information and a strong attitude about the recommended person. This will give an overview of the personality and the academic information related to the recommended person in the letter.
  • Closing paragraph. This can be including a statement about the truthiness of the letter and the contact number of the person who recommends the candidate.

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It also shall note that the letter will be considered as a formal letter. Therefore, those writing the recommendation letter shall make sure that the letter will have the proper format, nice formatting, and excellent grammar. This will help the receiver get a strong belief that the letter is true and honest. This can also make sure that the receiver trusts the writer of the recommendation letter to be a professional person that suits writing the letter.

Sample Letter of Recommendation Dental School

After reading the above information, the next thing that might require is a sample of the letter. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine the concept of a letter without knowing the sample. Therefore, to help with this issue, the following is a simple sample of the letter of recommendation dental school. It can easily copy or rewrite to apply to dental school.

Letter of Recommendation Dental School



Those all some descriptions and overviews about the letter of recommendation dental school. Through the description above, it is now clear why the letter is important. Therefore, simply prepare the letter accordingly so that the probability of being accepted in the dental school can be increasing.

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