Example of Media Release Form for A School Student

Press release is a writing or recording aimed directly at the media to announce something that has news value so that it is published in the mass media. A student whose learning about journalism must be understand how to write the press release form in general before releasing any news or issues.


media release form for students



There are several basic principles whenever creating a release form for the media. Since it shall include some major points to avoid any further risks and issues in the future. For more detail about the steps to creating this form, including the example of the form, this article will show more detail in the below paragraphs.

Steps to Create Press Release Form

There are some steps to prepare an outline of the press release form. In general, the points that must be in the form are as follows.

  • Who is involved in the agreement? The form shall inform both parties involved in the press release. Mainly the party that is the subject of the news, including the supporting items for the news issuance, and the party that will release the news to the public.
  • What is the agreement’s purpose? The form shall inform in general about the agreement of using the released news and the supporting media (such as image, video, etc.) to publish in the future. It also contains agreement from the subject news to agree all the terms and conditions impact from the published news.
  • What item released? It is advisable to write down all the items released together with the news, whether any picture, video, electronic files, etc.

Media Release Form Template

Here is a press release form template that anyone can use. This sample is simple and can easily copy through MS Word. media-release-form



Creating a suitable media release form will help to ease all parties to agree on the use of any media involved in the releases. Therefore, making news or information in the media must be careful and approved by both parties

By signing the form, each party will be free of any legal issues in the future, including to agree in terms of royalties or the given compensation on any impact of the agreement.

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