Example of Media Release Form for A School Student

Press release is a writing or recording aimed directly at the media to announce something that has news value so that it is published in the mass media. A student whose learning about journalism must be understand how to write the press release form in general before releasing any news or issues.


media release form for students



There are several basic principles whenever creating a release form for the media. Since it shall include some major points to avoid any further risks and issues in the future. For more detail about the steps to creating this form, including the example of the form, this article will show more detail in the below paragraphs.

Steps to Create Press Release Form

There are some steps to prepare an outline of the press release form. In general, the points that must be in the form are as follows.

  • Who is involved in the agreement? The form shall inform both parties involved in the press release. Mainly the party that is the subject of the news, including the supporting items for the news issuance, and the party that will release the news to the public.
  • What is the agreement’s purpose? The form shall inform in general about the agreement of using the released news and the supporting media (such as image, video, etc.) to publish in the future. It also contains agreement from the subject news to agree all the terms and conditions impact from the published news.
  • What item released? It is advisable to write down all the items released together with the news, whether any picture, video, electronic files, etc.

Media Release Form Template

Here is a press release form template that anyone can use. This sample is simple and can easily copy through MS Word. media-release-form



Preparing A Media Release Form

After reading the above sample, it shall now clear on how to write this form exactly. However, reading the sample doesn’t mean that you can directly prepare the form accordingly. Therefore, make sure to follow the below step so that you can prepare this form incorrect way.

  • Prepare a template of the form. If a formal media requests you to attach this form, then you can directly ask for the template form and fill it. Therefore, you don’t need to provide it from a scratch. However, in case this form shall be written personal, then you can choose to download the template from many online sources. Otherwise, copy the above format to a blank page.
  • Next is to make sure that you write all the terms and conditions accordingly. Otherwise, if you get a format template from the media, make sure to write all the terms carefully. Read all the terms and notice anything that does not align with your thinking. So that there will be no issue when the form is signed and the news formally releases.
  • After reading all the terms and agree with all the written points, then make a signature in the bottom part of the page. Otherwise, put the sign in the provided place or space. If you sign for your children, make sure to put the name of your child and your complete name too.

The Benefit of Media Release Form

Creating a media release form will give many benefits to each party. By giving this form, the following advantages can be reached:

  • It will give a formal agreement between each party, the related person, and the media company. Therefore, in case of anything happen in the future, no party will have a right to violate the agreement or object to the release of news or information. Otherwise, it might subject to specific compensation.
  • A media release form also benefits to make sure that all news and information is subject to public consumption. Therefore, it is to make sure that the information is no longer confidential and the media has the right to publish according to the agreed terms and conditions are written in the form.

Legal Age for Media Release Form

There is an important thing to notice whenever filling a media release form. Be concern about the issue of the legal age to signing this form. A media release form must be signed by an adult person who is above 20 years of age. Therefore, in case that this form is dedicated to a child or teenager, make sure that the parents notice the issue or information to release by the media.

Furthermore, after notifying the parent, it also important to held a discussion first so that each party will understand the necessity of this form. Manage the parents to agree with the clause, and ask them to sign on behalf of their children. So that the media release form can be legal and will not get any issues with the law or applied regulation in the country.

Creating a suitable media release form will help to ease all parties to agree on the use of any media involved in the releases. Therefore, making news or information in the media must be careful and approved by both parties

By signing the form, each party will be free of any legal issues in the future, including to agree in terms of royalties or the given compensation on any impact of the agreement.

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