Sample of Month to Month Rental Agreement Template for Shopping Tenants

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Most of the unit in the shopping mall or shopping market is usually rent either monthly or yearly basis. Therefore, it is mostly not for sale by the owner so that the tenants shall rent according to the agreed terms and durations. Some tenants prefer to rent the unit on monthly basis. Hence, a suitable agreement related to the official contract is needed.

One of the common ways to cover the legal contract is to provide month to month rental agreement. Since it is an important document, it is necessary to make sure that the content of the agreement is suitable and agreed upon by both parties. To help to give some overview on the main content of the agreement, the following information will help to give more details about it.

Main Content of the Agreement

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Word For rental Temporary Arrangement

residential lease aggreement

It is important to notice on what are the main content of a month-to-month rental agreement. Mainly because this is a formal and legal document that also has powerful law in case of anything. Therefore, make sure to carefully select the written point in the template. For preliminary information, usually, the agreement template will consist of the following points.

  • The effective date of the rental period.
  • Cost of the rental unit and the payment terms.
  • Other necessary terms and conditions as agreed between owner and tenant.
  • Signature of both parties.

Sample of Month to Month Rental Agreement

The following is a sample for the month-to-month rental agreement template. So that it can help you to get some idea on what to write inside the agreement. Furthermore, this template sample is easy to copy and follow as instructed. So that you wouldn’t find any problem when you need to develop the template.

month to month rental agreement template word



By reading the above paragraphs, it is clear that month to month rental agreement template is an important template that shall develop carefully. Furthermore, through the explanation above you will able to sketch your agreement draft accordingly. So that you have official documentation to cover your lease and avoid any possible unwanted thing happen in the future.

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