The Benefit of Non Profit Pledge Form

Donating is one good thing to perform, either monthly or yearly. Usually, the donation is a purpose to give for any organization that needs funding to perform their routine activities. Of course, to get people to donate, this organization needs to raise a pledge form and a card. They need to make sure that the pledge form is provided accordingly.

A pledge form is a form that generates when people decide to donate some amount of number for a nonprofit organization or charity. This donation can be done through the various method of payment, either cash, bank transfer, or any other way. For more overview on the benefit of the non profit pledge form and the sample of the form, the following paragraphs will help to give more explanation.

Asking for Commitment

Creating the form can benefit to ask the donor their commitment to the donation. Either to perform weekly or yearly. With this form, you can collect as much as a possible number of the person that willing to donate to your nonprofit organization. Furthermore, it can help to make sure how much people are committed to the donation.

Record Name of Donor

Giving the form will also help the organization to record the name of the donor accordingly. It also can record the amount of donation properly so that it can benefit the financial reports on the organization. So that nothing is a miss or not properly written in the report.

Information Non Profit Pledge of Payment Method

A non profit pledge form is a way to inform the preferred payment method for the donor. This is also informing the donor of the available option of payment method. So that the donor can suit their payment accordingly and the organization will able to note the payment method.

Sample of Non Profit Pledge Form

The following is a sample of a nonprofit pledge form that can be used by any nonprofit organization. It is a simple sample and can easily copy and paste accordingly. Furthermore, you can also adjust as necessary and suit the organization’s purpose or needs.

non profit pledge form


By reading the above information, now you know how much important is the non profit pledge form is. Therefore, always make sure to provide this form whenever you join a nonprofit place and intend to ask for a donation. So that you can ask the donor to commit and properly records all your donor.


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