The Importance of Writing a One Page Lease Agreement

Normally, every rental activity will need suitable legal documentation. One of the ways is by preparing the lease agreement so that all parties involved in the agreement will remember all the points. However, not all rental activity needs a long page of the agreement. Such as the rental activity between property owner and tenant. It might only need a short document known as the one page lease agreement. Of course, this agreement shall be simple, short, and clear. Therefore, it is recommended to read through the following paragraph to make sure why the lease agreement is necessary.

The Benefit of Lease Agreement

There is some benefit that can get if the lease agreement is made officially. The advantages including the following lists:

  • This agreement is a way to legalize the rental activity between the property owner and the tenant. So that it will be clear about the person that in charge to rent the property.
  • The benefit of this agreement including to give information about the cost that shall be paid by the tenant every month.
  • Having the agreement will give powerful law in case of any party violate the agreement and not performing their responsibility in the future.

Sample of Lease Template

The following is a simple one-page lease agreement sample using Microsoft Word. Simply copy the draft example below and then follow the instruction or adjust as necessary. Your one-page lease agreement is ready to print.

Sample of One Page Lease Agreement


By reading the above information, it is now clear what is a one-page lease agreement. Including the benefit of this agreement and what are the necessary point that shall be listed inside the agreement. Through making a proper lease agreement, it can help to smooth the rental process and make sure that any possible negative incident can be avoided.


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