Steps to Create the Suitable Part Time Job Cover Letter

Commonly, people sometimes want to apply for a part-time job during their free hours. Mainly for those that study in the college in the morning and want to gain some income for their needs. To help with the application, usually, the employment will request a part-time job cover letter together with the curriculum vitae. It is not difficult to prepare a part time job cover letter. As long as you have some overview of the steps. Therefore, to help you generate a suitable part-time job cover letter, the following are some common steps to perform.

Write Important Personal Data

First, it shall start with writing the complete name and contact number of the applicant. Additionally, write the address and email address so that if the company feels interested in the application, they can directly make a contact.

Mention The Purposed Company

Do not forget to mention the applied company complete with the address and contact number.

Mention The Applied Position

Make a short opening contain your desire to apply for the part-time job position in the company.

Provide Key Strength

Continue with the next paragraphs that describe your strength that can be a benefit for the applied position. Whether your educational background, your skills, attitude, and many more. Make sure that it is in line with the required position so that the company will feel the interest to hire.

Closing and Signature

Put a closing paragraph and ended with a formal signature. Make sure to mention that you wish to get good news from the company.

Sample of Part Time Job Cover Letter

If you think that the above steps are still difficult to figure out the best cover letter, it might be necessary for you to check on the following sample. This sample can easily copy and paste to Microsoft Word and adjust as necessary then print for signing or directly email to your targeted company.

Part Time Job Cover Letter



By having some overview on the steps of creating the suitable part-time job cover letter above, it is now easy to prepare this cover letter. Even if you still difficult to figure out all the given steps above, you still can cheat by using the given sample of the letter template. So that you can prepare your part-time job application suitably, and wish you much good luck to be received in your desire job.


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