Overview of Pledge Card Template Word

To donate to someone or some places is a good thing to perform. Some people perform this donation every month or every year. To inform the party that will receive the donation, you can try to use a pledge card. So that the party can get your commitment on the donation and understand the number of donations received on a monthly or yearly basis. If you want to create your pledge card template, you can try to start reading the following overview.

The Benefit of Pledge Card

There are several benefits of making the pledge card template. With this template, you can express your nice intention to donate to a person or an organization. Furthermore, this is a good personal way to impress your willingness to the donation receiver. You can express all your intention in the card and inform the number of your committed donation. It also a way to give your commitment and promise.

Step to Create a Pledge Card Template

Pledge Card Template Word example


Creating a pledge card template is simple. All you need to do is to prepare the template on a blank page of Microsoft Word. After that, you can start creating the template through the following steps.

  • Write some words at the beginning of the card to express the intention of donating. Make sure to mention the number of the donation and then mention the given name of the person or organization.
  • Put additional words to express the commitment of donating on either a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. So that it can properly note by the organization.
  • At the bottom part of the pledge card don’t forget to write the name, address, and contact number of the person who willing to donate. So that the organization can record the commitment.
  • Last, put a notification to send the pledge card to the organization to ease the record and tracking of the donation.
  • Make sure to create the template with nice color and font so that it looks interesting.

Sample of Pledge Card Template Word

If you have tried the above steps but still find difficulties, you can try to use the following sample. This sample can copy paste and then adjust as necessary. You can change the color or the wording so that it looks more creative and attractive to read.

Sample of Pledge Card Template Word


By reading the above overview, you shall now understand how to create your pledge card template with Microsoft Word. So that you will able to donate every time and inform your donation accordingly.

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