Simple Description About Power of Attorney Sample Letter

In any matter, sometimes people will need to delegate their power to other people due to important things. Mainly if you run a business, this is a common thing that happens whenever you are too busy to attend or sign something and decide to delegate the task to your trusted people. To help this purpose run smoothly, a suitable letter shall be provided for formal and legal backup. The letter is commonly known as the power of attorney sample letter. For those who need to know about the benefit of the letter, the elements of the letter, and the simple sample of the letter, the following paragraphs are a good way to start.

The Benefit of Power of Attorney Letter

There are some benefits to receive whenever a company decides to provide the letter in advance. The benefits including as listed below:

  • To notify the business partner the in-charge person.
  • Give delegation to the in-charge person to perform any activity as mention in the letter.
  • To be the strong legal evidence in case of any formal signing of documents is needed to perform by the person in charge.

The Elements of the Power Letter

Of course, develop a power attorney letter sometimes can be confusing. However, do not worry and follow this instruction. Whenever you want to write the letter, remember that a power of attorney letter shall contain the following items.

  • Name of the person who wants to pass his delegation.
  • Name of the person in charge to receive the delegation.
  • Provide the lists of activities that are permitted to perform by the delegation receiver.
  • Put on a clear applied date of the letter so that it can make sure that delegation is only applicable for that day.

Sample of Power of Attorney Letter

The following is a sample of the power attorney letter. The sample is more to the authorized delegation in the need to sign any contract with other parties. It is a common format and can easily copy and paste for then adjust as necessary.

Sample of Power of Attorney Letter



By reading the above simple description about the power of attorney sample letter, it is no clarity on how to write the letter and what elements shall be included in the letter. So that you can pass and delegate your business smoothly without any worry.

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