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When a business needs some new investor to join, it is necessary to provide suitable information so that the target investor willing to give their fund to the business. To help with this matter, commonly a business will raise a placement memorandum to give a depth analysis of the business and the growth. To get information on important things to write in the memorandum and sample of the memorandum, the following paragraphs will help to give more overview about private placement memorandum template.

Content of The Memorandum

Confidential Private Placement Memorandum
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There are several important things to note when someone decides to generate the placement memorandum template. Inside this memorandum, several things shall be including, such as:

  • Parties involved in the agreement. Make sure that the memorandum mentions the company name and the investor name in detail.
  • Provide the background of making the memorandum. It is important to help other parties or both parties with information on why the memorandum is created. Such as for giving additional investment to the company, etc.
  • Summary of the business, therefore, the investor can get suitable information about the major business of the company and an overview on the growth of the business. Be noted that it is very important to give positive influence to the investor so that they will agree with the investment amount.
  • Terms and conditions, it is important that both parties aware of the terms and conditions of the investment. Therefore, no further issues raised in the future.
  • Financial procedures and details, the company shall have explained the financial condition of the business and mention the financing details of the investment process.
  • The possible risks shall also mention making sure that the investor will deal with any risks that appear from the investment decision.
  • A signature, the memorandum shall contain the signature of both parties, the company, and the investor. If necessary, it can add an authorized notary signature to legalize the agreement.

Sample of The Placement Memorandum Template

The below is a sample of the private placement memorandum template. The content of the template can be adjusting as necessary according to the needs of each person. Furthermore, this template can easily generate and copy-paste in Microsoft Word. Therefore, it is considering easy and fast.

Meridian Sciences Place Memorandum Template
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example of Place Memorandum Template
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sample of Place Memorandum Template



By reading the above explanation, hopefully, you can generate the template easily and fasten time. So that in case you need the template, you can directly create it and adjust as necessary. Then you can print and discuss the template for agreement by both parties and then sign to legalize the memorandum.

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