Develop A Proforma Invoice Template for The Pre-Sale

Whenever a customer buys something but does not finalize all the payment, the company still need to raise an invoice for this activity. Such as when a customer makes a down payment to buy something and will finalize the payment once the item is sent, then the company shall raise a proforma invoice as the preliminary invoice. What is the importance of this invoice and what shall include in the invoice, the following paragraphs will help to give a better description about proforma invoice template..

The Importance of Proforma Invoice

The first thing to know is the importance of this invoice. Many businesses may ignore the invoice and only provide a receipt. However, creating a proforma invoice will help to give the following advantages:

  • It can give preliminary information of any agreed sale between the company and their customer.
  • The invoice also helps the company to record any preliminary payment for any purchase.
  • The invoice also manages to inform the customer about the item they bought and the total cost that shall be paid at the end.
  • By having the invoice, it can be preliminary evidence of any payment that has been performed during the pre-sale by the customer.
  • The invoice also benefits to inform any tax and shipping cost, or in case of any currency change during the shipping.

Important Content of Invoice

When a business needs to raise a proforma invoice template, there are several items to consider in the template. To make sure that the proforma invoice template is correct, including the following major lists inside the template:

  • Invoice date and number that will ease the business to record the pre-sale accordingly.
  • Company name, address, and contact number shall be written to give sufficient information to the customer about the business.
  • Include customer name, address, and contact number to give sufficient information for shipping activity.
  • The item bought and the unit price shall include. This is to inform the customer about the description of the item and to give information about the payment that shall be finalized by the customer.
  • Signature of the authorized personnel, so that the invoice is legal and formal.

Sample of Proforma Invoice

The following is a sample of a suitable proforma invoice of a pre-sale. It can adjust according to the needs and revise as necessary according to the pre-sale of the business.

sample of Proforma Invoice Template



The article above has shown all the important things to note when developing a proforma invoice template. It also describes the importance of this invoice. Hopefully, it is clear enough on how to write and prepare the invoice. So that in the future, in case of the customer making any preliminary payment, then the invoice is ready to give as necessary.


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