Developing Receipt Template for Fast Food Restaurant

If we bought something from the restaurant, usually we will receive the final receipt consist of the food we bought and the total price to pay. For example, when we buy something at fast food restaurant. In the end, we will receive the fast-food receipt after making payment according to the total cost we paid.

This receipt might look simple. Some people even do not care about this. But a receipt is an important item to provide. There are several important things to get whenever taking the final restaurant receive of our payment. For further information about receipt template for fast food restaurant, the following overview can help to explain better.

The Importance of Payment Receive

There are several reasons why a restaurant issues a receipt to the customer. Some of the reasons as listed in the following bullet points.

  • To note all the transactions on the day. A receipt is also one of the transaction notes and evidence of customer payment.
  • To provide validity of item bought and paid by the customer.
  • To control the transaction period and the income.
  • Provides summary for seller and customer.

Sample of Restaurant Payment Receive

If you struggling to find out what is the best sample of invoice template for a receipt, the following is one good example. You can use the restaurant receipt template below and adjust as necessary.

examples Restaurant Receipt Templates



Things to Include Inside the Receipt Template for Fast Food Restaurant

If you are the invoice maker, there are several important things to consider. Mainly the content of the receipt template for fast food restaurant and the points to include inside it. Commonly a restaurant receipt will contain several things below:

  • Date and time of bought/payment. It is important to take note of the transaction date and time in the receipt. Therefore, it can easily track in case of anything happen.
  • Store name and ID. To put the restaurant name and store ID also important things to perform.
  • Employee name and ID. To help with sufficient information, the employee name and employee ID shall also note in the receipt.
  • Item bought and price. One of the most important things is to note the item bought by the customer and note the quantity and the cost too.
  • Cost and tax. It is important to provide the total cost, inform the tax amount and the total payment.

receipt template for fast food restaurantDOWNLOAD


Producing a suitable restaurant receipt will help the restaurant and the buyer to have a good track of their spending. Therefore, it always necessary for a restaurant to provide a receipt to a customer. Furthermore, whenever a restaurant is not producing any receipt, the customer can complain or ask not to pay the bill. Not only important but a receipt also part of the restaurant obligation to provide and the customer right to get it.


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