What to Write On The RV Bill of Sale Template

A recreational vehicle is one of the favorite things in the USA, including in the state of Florida. Every year people in the area spending their time traveling with the family and enjoy the beautifulness of the countries in the US. This lead to an enormous number of recreational vehicle buying. Whether just for a vacation with a spouse, or planning to pull their boat to have the best fishing year with brothers.

Recreational Vehicle Bill

To complete all the administration whenever someone decides to have an RV, then the seller will provide the Florida vessel bill of this vehicle. There are several things to write on the bill of sale to make sure that this template bill is sufficient to give evidence of the selling transaction. For more complete information, the following describes all the important things that shall include in the bill.

  • Buyer Information

It shall consist of the buyer’s name, address, and contact number as necessary.

  • Seller Information

It shall consist of the seller’s name, address, and contact number as necessary.

  • RV Information

It shall determine all the important data of the recreational vehicle. Such as the serial number, manufacturer, color and style, year of making, model, and warranty.

  • Total Payment

It shall mention the agreed cost and total payment made by the buyer to the seller.

  • Signature of Both Parties

It shall close with the signature of both parties, buyer, and seller.

  • Notarize of Sale

This term can be an option.

Printable Sample of RV Bill of Sale

The following is one of the printable bills of sale template for a recreational vehicle. This sample can be use and print directly or adjust as necessary. You can generate using a Microsoft Word or Excel Sheet Template.

RV Bill of Sale Template



By using the above printable RV bill of sale, it can help the seller to take note of the transaction and record it properly. While the buyer can get suitable evidence of their payment for tax and administration. Therefore, raising the RV bill of sale can give benefit both parties. So that it will help a proper and legal document that will be necessary for both, buyer and seller.


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