Free Microsoft Word Scholarship Award Certificate Template

A young talented student sometimes receive a scholarship appropriate for their achievement. Obviously, this is a wonderful award given only to certain students. Not just a certificate of attendance, but rather a certificate awarded for their achievement or talent. For more information on this type of certificate, the following paragraphs will help provide a further overview:

The Benefit of the Scholarship Award Certificate

Sample of Microsoft Word Scholarship Award Certificate



There are several benefits of receiving the scholarship award certificate. Especially for the student that has the talent and receive the scholarship. The benefits are :

  • To get an acknowledgment of their talent officially from the institution who passed the scholarship.
  • Get evidence of their scholarship award for any purpose in the future.
  • For encourage the student to be better and increase their ability in the future.
  • To give help for the school fee for that talented student with financial problems.

How to Get the Award?

After reading the above benefit, it will be interesting to do some efforts to reach the award. However, there are several important things to perform so that a student will able to receive this scholarship. Usually, to gain the scholarship, the student shall perform the following steps:

  • Providing the administration terms including the school certificate, attendance list, and academic report. Some institution also requests to the student to give official information on the parent’s employment and salary to make sure that the institution will give a suitable scholarship to a suitable student.
  • Some institutions will request the student to provide an essay to manage them writing some paragraphs about why they are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Provide a justification that the student is receiving any other award related to the school activities. Such as an award for a music contest, sports activities, champion for any educational events, etc.
  • Remember to get a specific recommendation too, such as from the teacher class or any other educational institution outside the school.

Sample of Microsoft Word Scholarship Award Certificate

The following is a sample of printable Microsoft Word certificates that can be given to talented students. This can be used as a scholarship award certificate and any other typical kinds of award for a smart student in school. The template is easy to copy-paste and can adjust accordingly to the needs.

scholarship award certificate

By reading the above overview, hopefully, you can get clear information related to the scholarship award certificate. Therefore, in case that you want to deliver one for a talented student at your school, you can easily use the template above and generate the certificate.


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