Making Simple School Bus Seating Chart

School bus seating can be confusing for some schools. Especially if you need to manage children accordingly. It is not an easy way to make them listening and obey the rule to sit in certain seating. Therefore, to ease with this activity, you can try to develop a simple school bus seating chart. So that you will able to arrange the school bus seating every day without problems. For more information on the steps to create the school bus seating chart, the following paragraphs can lead you to the proper way.

Collect All the Name of the Student

The first thing to perform is to make sure that you collect all the name of the student that joins the school bus every day. Make sure to have their complete name so that you wouldn’t find any problem arranging their name accordingly in the seating chart.

Start with A Blank Page

After that, you can start creating the seating chart by using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. Start with a blank page and then write “School Bus Seating Chart” on the above part of the page. Don’t forget to write the name of the bus driver and the bus number too. So that you can manage accordingly.

Divide The Page into Column School Bus Seating Chart

The next step is to create some columns on the page. Make sure to provide two columns, one column for the left seating, and one column for the right seating. Create some rows according to the number of rows in the bus.

Put Student Name Accordingly

Once you finish with the column, now you can put all the student names accordingly in the column. If each row consists of two seating, then you need to write two names in one column. Make sure to put the name accordingly whether they will seat in the left area or the right area. Put the number of each row so that the student can read their position accordingly.

Sample of School Bus Seating Chart

If you think that the above instruction fails to lead you to make the seating chart, you can try to follow the given sample below. It is one of a simple sample of school bus seating charts that can help to arrange the student seating every day. Simply copy and paste the template, and then adjust as necessary.

school bus seating chart template


By having an overview of the steps to create the school bus seating chart above, you wouldn’t feel any confusion about arranging the seating in the school bus anymore. Furthermore, all the student can directly remember their seating accordingly so that you don’t have to remind them of their seating anymore.


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