General Tenant Information Form with MS Word

A landowner usually needs a tenant information form to update everything related to their tenant. It is also given to the tenant whenever a new tenant plan to rent any unit around the area. Therefore, it shall contain suitable basic information as needed by the land owner. Some people might find it difficult to create this kind of form.

Therefore, to help those who needed this form, the following information will brief about all related things with this template.

Key Points of Tenant Information Form

To generate a tenant information form, it is important to understand the basic content that should put inside the form. Basically, this form will consist of several points below.

  • The date of issuance. It shall describe the date where the form is agreed by both parties, business, and land owner.
  • Business information. It shall include all important information such as business name, business address, and business phone number.
  • Property owner information. It shall include basic information about the land owner, including the name, the address, and the phone number.
  • Unit to rent and purpose. It is important to note which unit will be the rental unit. It is also important to provide information what is the purpose of rental the unit.
  • Business activity. The business shall need to describe the daily activities performed in the rental unit. Therefore, the land owner will get a suitable description of the daily business activities. Specially to avoid the potential criminal and other activities against law.
  • Change in the rental unit. In case the rental unit will be modified, then this information will give a suitable description on what kind of change or needed modification inside the rent unit performed by the business.

Sample of Tenant Information Form

Below is a general example of a tenant information form. This printable tenant update form can be generated using MS Word and easily adjusted as necessary according to land owner needs.

tenant information form



The information form giving many benefits for both parties, the land owner and the business party. Therefore, it is essential to have this form by the beginning before the business started to rent the unit. This form also can be used as a legal basis whenever one party is against the agreement. Hence, it is important to keep a copy of this form by each party involved.

Through using the tenant information form from above, the land owner can easily inform if there any changes in the term and conditions of the rental unit. Furthermore, it also helps land owner to get a basic database about the applicants that plan to rent the unit. Therefore, the land owner will have suitable information that might be needed in the future for administration purposes or such things.

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