Steps to Create The USPS Shipping Label Template Word

Usps Shipping Label Template Word

Deliver a package is a common thing to do whenever someone buys anything and shall ship the item from the store to the purpose address. It is important to make sure that the package is safely wrapped and the most important thing is correctly labeled. For any major important deliverables, a USPS shipping label template will be a benefit to help the courier deliver the package to the stated address on the label.

It also gives information on how the courier shall treat the package. For further information about the shipping label and the sample.

The following will help to give more brief.


The Purpose of USPS Shipping Label

There is some major purpose on why a shipping company always provides the shipping label. The purpose usually consists of the following:

Usps Shipping Label Template Best And Professional Templates

  • To match the delivered item with the listed item in the shipping company system. The shipping company must record their shipping on their system to help perform the track of the package. So that all parties can easily check the status of the package.
  • To give instructions for the shipping courier. The label will help the courier to deliver the package according to the stated address on the label. In case of anything happen, the courier also can easily be making contact with the contact number of the receiver.
  • To inform on the way of handling the package. Some labels will be completed with fragile states. Therefore, this status can help the courier to handle the package very well so that it will not break the package inside.


The Content of USPS Shipping

Shipping Label


Whenever a shipping company plan to make a template label word for the shipping activity, some items shall be considered. It is including the below lists:

  • Shipping company logo and name.
  • Shipping stamp from the authority (if necessary).
  • Date of shipping.
  • Name of the sender, address, and contact number.
  • Name of the receiver, address, and contact number.
  • Shipping number with the barcode.
  • Signature of receiver (if necessary).
  • Handling status (if necessary).


Sample of USPS Shipping Label Template Word

The following is a simple USPS shipping label template word. This sample free printable is easy to adjust as necessary and also can easily copy and paste as your needs.

Sample of USPS Shipping Label Template Word


Preparing a Proper Template

The next thing to perform is creating a suitable template according to the given sample overview. To create a suitable template, the following steps shall be performing properly.

  • Create a new file

Start with open your software and then create a new file. Save the file with a proper name to ease you find this template in the future. After that start with a blank white page to create the template.

  • Divide the page into several rows

Divide the blank page into several rows accordingly. Provide four main areas to ease the next step. Each area will be filled with suitable information. Therefore, make sure to provide enough space for each row.

  • Prepare the first row

An Entrepreneur S Guide To Understanding Shipping Labels For E

In the first row or the heading of the page, add the shipping company logo properly.

Make sure to put it in the middle and choose a suitable size so that it can be properly seen by everyone.

Below this logo, mention the company name with a suitable font. Select a black font color to ease everyone read the company name properly.

After that finalize this row by adding the shipping stamp column.

  • Prepare the second row

The next row shall contain the word “USPS Priority Mail” otherwise use a similar word with the same description or meaning. Write this word with a quite big font size that can easily read.

  • Prepare the third row

Now fill in the third row with various shipping information.

It can be said that this row is the main content of the label.

So that it can give suitable descriptions and information related to the package. Therefore, make sure to write all data such as the date of shipping.

Next is to write the name of the sender, complete address, and contact number.


followed with writing the name of the receiver, complete address, and detailed contact number.

In case something happens during the shipping process, each party in the label can easily contact the shipping company.

  • Prepare the final row

After that start to prepare the final row by mention various information items.

This is including the shipping number with the barcode.

This is the most important thing that shall be put in the row.

Since a barcode and the number will be useful for tracking the shipping process online.


it shall be written in clear font and size.


this row can also add the signature of the receiver and the package handling status.

However, it is not a mandatory and flexible option.

But for the fragile package, usually, suitable handling will be noted in the bottom part of the label.

  • Saving the file

Label Template Word

After finish all the steps above, it means that the USPS shipping label template is ready to use.

Save this final template with a proper name.

In case you need the label, easily print the file. Either print on a hard paper or print to PDF and send for electronic administration.

So that a proper record of the shipping process is well documented.

After reading the above information, it is now clear that the USPS shipping label is an important thing to consider for any shipping.

Specially to handle fragile and valuable package.

Therefore, always make sure that during shipping the label properly inserts.

Notice your courier to give the label properly so that your package can be safely delivered and come to the right.

And suitable added as noted in the shipping address.


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