Preparing Vacation Request Form Template for A Company

voluntary unpaid time off request form

Working the whole year can make an employee feel stress and tired. Therefore, to deal with this matter, a vacation is one of the best solutions to select. Of course, working for a big company means that you need to raise a vacation request first. Since you may have a lot of work throughout the year, and nobody can replace this assignment. With a proper vacation request form template, you will able to send the form and ask for vacation approval from your supervisor.

Discuss with Your Supervisor

Before deciding to send a formal vacation request form, it is better to discuss it with your supervisor first. Tell them about your workload, which one has been finishing, and which one can be pending further. So that both of you have an unofficial agreement on your vacation date. Including discussing who is the suitably responsible person that will handle your job while you’re not around in the office.

Search and Use Company Form Template

Once you get an unofficial permit, you can directly search for a company vacation request form template. Usually, a big company provides many forms including a template form for this vacation request. Make sure to download the template and then you can use it accordingly.

Fill The Template Accordingly

Read the instruction carefully before filling the vacation request form. Make sure to fill in all the blank spaces in the form and fill it with suitable information. Including if your company requires your contact number during your vacation. So that the company can reach you in case of an urgent matter that needs your information.

Sign The Form

free sample request form vacation request form template



Once finish writing and fill in the form, you can pass it to your supervisor and ask for approval. If the form is approved, then you shall make a copy of the approved form. Usually, the HR team and financing team of the company will require a copy of the approved form. So that they can make proper records and payroll accordingly.

Sample of Vacation Request Form Template

If your company is not preparing any template for this form, you can try to write your template. To help you easily set this template, you can copy it from the following sample.

vacation request form template



The Benefit of Sending Vacation Request Form

Sending the above form to your supervisor can bring many benefits. Either for yourself or the company. Therefore, it is important to remember on submitting this form before leaving on a holiday. With submitting the form, it will give many advantages such as the following:

  • To give formal information to your company that you will not be in the office for a certain period. Therefore, anything related to the job and all necessary meeting can be postponing otherwise handover to another person.
  • The form also benefits to help your supervisor delegating your job to a suitable person accordingly. With a proper notice period on your off day, it will give your supervisor enough time to select the most suitable person to handle your current job temporarily.
  • A vacation request form is a benefit to help the HR team recording a suitable number of your absence day. Therefore, it also can help to relate this data to your payroll calculation. So that the finance team will able to deliver a suitable payroll according to the number of absence days.

What to Do If Your Vacation Request Form is Not Approved

Be remember that not all the things that you’ve prepared can be successful. The same way when you plan a holiday and submit the vacation request form. Sometimes, a sudden thing can be happening, and your supervisor shall reject your request and ask for replacing it with another day. Don’t worry, in case this thing happens, even though you have discussed this with your supervisor before, then directly do the following things:

vacation request form template for Absence Form Template
  • Schedule your vacation accordingly. Find a suitable replacement day and discuss it with your supervisor about this replaced day. Therefore, you will able to manage your vacation in the more proper way to be approved by your supervisor in advance.
  • In case you have book for any flight or hotel, then you shall directly schedule all this thing into the agreed replaced day for your next vacation. So that you wouldn’t miss anything and can keep all your booking accordingly.
  • Keep being professional and stop being too disappointed with this situation. So that you can keep finishing all your job and responsibility in a good way. Most of the reason that a supervisor cannot permit you to leave is due to his trust that you can perform better than others. Therefore, put this trust as a chance to prove your professionalism in the office.

Whenever your vacation request form is not accepted, doesn’t mean that the next proposed vacation date will also reject. This normally depends on the situation in the office. Whether your office in the middle of a busy job or not. Therefore, don’t worry too much and start to plan your vacation again. Furthermore, always keep the vacation request form template so that you can always propose a suitable date for a day off and ease the administration process properly.

Now, you can send your vacation request form to your supervisor. Planned your vacation carefully and make sure that you finish all the job before leaving the office for fun. By having a balanced life between vacation and working, you can get a meaningful life to spend every year. Happy holiday!

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