An Overview of Word Bookmark Template

Creating a bookmark is usually relating to the graphic design capability. Usually, a bookmark shall design properly so that it looks attractive and easy for anyone to remember it. However, some people that have difficulties with creating any suitable design can try to use the given bookmark template. One of the common ways is by using the word bookmark template provided in Microsoft Word. For more information on this bookmark template, including the steps to create it, the following paragraphs will help to give suitable information.

The Benefit of Making Bookmark

First, it is better to understand the purpose and the advantages of this bookmark template. The bookmark is usually creating to help to bookmark any important document. So that the reader will able to continue to the next page in the next day in case that they can finish reading the book at one time.

  • Creating the bookmark will help to give the following benefits:
  • For reminders, since it is the best way to remind you to continue reading your unfinished reading.
  • To identify the important part of the book, so that you can find it easily.
  • An icebreaker for the tired eye, the design can benefit to refresh your eye while reading.

Content of The Word Bookmark Template

If you plan to create your bookmark template, you can easily use various software such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. The thing that important to remember is that this bookmark shall contain an attractive color and attractive font. So that it can help you to catch the last page of your book in fasten way. That is why the design is the most major thing for creating this bookmark.

Creating Word Bookmark Template with Microsoft Word

If you have no time and have no talent for design, then you can simply look for a suitable template in Microsoft Word. Directly open a new page and then write a bookmark in the search column. Voila, the various pretty template will be offered and you can simply download them. Even you don’t need to make an effort to personalize the template, you can directly print and use the bookmark.

Sample of Word Bookmark Template

If you need some inspiration for the word bookmark template, you can easily use the sample below. It is a general sample but made with an interesting design.

Sample of Word Bookmark Template


Having a suitable overview of the word bookmark template, hopefully, can encourage you to create your bookmark template. So that you will able to use it for various purposes, mainly to put inside your unfinished reading. Having an attractive bookmark template will ease you to find your last reading in fasten way.


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