Example of Weekly Workout Log Template

To track your workout via a daily log is recommended to perform. This can easily have done by recording all your workout activities in the Workout Log Template. The best is to make a printable version of this template and use it as necessary every week or every month. Depends on your preference and the intensity of your workout activities.



However, you might find difficulty in finding a suitable template. Therefore, it is advisable to check the following information so that you will able to create your Workout Log Template.


Item to Include in The Workout Log Template

Before preparing the most suitable template to use, it is important to get information about what to write and what to include in the template. Some of you might be done for the first time. Therefore, to give some overview of the template, the following items shall be considered.

The Day

free workout log template

If you prefer a weekly template, then you need to write all day in the week on the proper column. This will help you to define the day of your exercise well.

Types of Exercise

Provide the column for types of exercise. Whether you do a cardio workout or a strength workout. You can write down whether you perform cycling on Monday, or train your biceps on Tuesday.

Number of Time

Write down the time of your exercise. For example, write on how many minutes you’ve done your treadmill exercise.


You can also add the interval period of your exercise in a different column. This can help you to define the number of repetitions of your workout that day.

Number of Sets

If you perform a strength workout, the number of sets will be important to note. Such as whether you perform 3 sets of bench press, or perform 5 sets of sit up.

Load Weight

Add also the load weight during your exercise. Such as whether you select 1lb loading or selecting 2lbs loading.

Example of Weekly Workout Log Template

Below is an example of a weekly Workout Log Template that can be used. You can generate the template in the excel sheet or you can also prepare the template by referring to the below table.


Why Workout Log Template is Important

Preparing a weekly or monthly template is very important. Since there are several advantages to get when you decide to apply the template. This template will help you measure your progress and the goals you’ve reached. That is why if you are struggling to reduce or increasing your body mass, this template can be a good start to make your exercise effective. It also a way to encourage yourself to perform your daily target.



With a proper Workout Log Template, you can easily note your daily workout and setting your goal too. Therefore, in the end it will lead you to a true result of your daily exercise. Apply the table above and start your exercise soon.

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